Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Things change/Perception

Over the past couple of months things have changed, going to go with a solid 8 or so.

So so so much has changed. It can be very scary to think about how everything can stay the same for a very long time and then one day, bang.

Friendships that you thought were going to last a lifetime becuase you'd hung out for the past 4 years practically everyday and then you find out that they hated you all along. Its an amazing experience if you haven't had that one already..

Or the opposite side of that and people who you thought 'na I'll never be friends with them, eugh' you end up being very close to them. Its scary. Pretty much everything in our world is exactly what we make of it. Of course we can't change other people decisions which could in turn affect us but we can almost make anything happen if you believe in it enough and want it enough.

Now yeah, that does sound really silly. "If you want it enough, you can get it". Obviously you couldn't just nip to Tescos and buy a unicorn because you wanted one, thats not going to happen.

But If something in your life is upsetting you, someone or something then hope is not lost. Of course not everything goes by this principle and thats not what I'm saying.
All it is, is that if you really want that thing then there is a way to it becuase your world that you see out of your eyes is exactly what you make of it.

How do we know that this world we live in isn't just what we've created in our own minds?

Perception can't be the answer but?

Kind diverted off of the subject there but hey ho, this is just a way of emptying my mind I guess aha..