Thursday, 7 May 2015

What is the point?

Do you ever sit there at the brink of explosion wondering, what is the point?

I do this increasing amounts everyday, and its kind of getting scary now. It's like you've worked hard all day at work/college etc and then you come home, have to do the housework, look after siblings, go to the gym whatever it is. Then at the weekends you may have a part time job or you may have to dedicate your time to something else like seeing family for example.
Now, when do you get a break? When do you get to sit down and just relax?
There seems to never be a time to just be happy.

Personally, I feel like in this life, you don't ever get to relax and be content. You're always on the move for work, other people, anything. There is always something that's broken/wrong in life.

This could just be me who's having a bit of a shit time at the moment but maybe not. All this just makes me think; whats the point in living if you're not happy?
Why would anyone want to live 80 years complaining and having a miserable time?!?!?
I know I certainly wouldn't.
It's just that my life course ahead of me seems so depressing.
Age 5 = Start school. (this process refers to my life as a person in Britain).
Age 16 = Finish school and join a college/sixth form/apprenticeship.
Age 18 = Finish a-levels (etc) and go to uni.
Age 21 = Finish University and go into employment.
Work for the next 45 years approximately, just trying to earn enough money for my family etc.
Age 66 = Retire and enjoy living for a few years (about 4).
Age 70 = Get some sort of age-related disease.
Age 80+ = Probably die from some painful disease.
The End.

Personally this sounds utterly awful. Who would want to go from education, work, retirement and then practically death??
                                                            What is the point?

I just think that the society we live in is somehow broken and people can't enjoy themselves anymore, no wonder the depression rate is so high nowadays.

The thing is though, WE ARE THE LUCKY ONES.
In my situation, I am very privileged. I have a roof over my head, a loving family who will support me, food for every meal and many lovely luxuries which I take for granted. I know that this is very very wrong but unless you've not had those wonderful things then how can you develop appreciation for them?
 So when you put it like that, suddenly our life course looks bright. We are lucky to have schools and an opportunity for an education. We are lucky to be able to go into employment and earn money. We are lucky that we can retire as many people across the world have to work till their dead.
Why does it look so bleak then? 
And how can we start appreciating the things we take for granted because that needs to happen immediately if we ever want to be happy.

Honestly, I have no idea.

Okay so that was just something to think about, pretty damn deep but hey. Have a nice day, let me know what you think.