Thursday, 16 April 2015

'Don't judge a book by its cover'

The other day I got dressed and my boyfriend said to me 'I wasn't expecting you to wear something like that'. 
He didn't mean it in a mean or spiteful way, it was just what popped into his head. 
But it made me think about how we all judge people immediately, even if you don't mean to, by the way they look.
Tattoos, piercings, hair colour, type of clothes, length of skirt, quality of teeth, body size. 
These are just a few things that we use to make a subconscious decision on another person without ever even interacting with them. 

Personally when I wake up in the morning, I decide what kinda mood I'm in and then choose my clothes from that. So if I'm feeling confident and independent I am much more likely to wear my Doc. Martin boots with trousers and a nice top. But on another day I might wake up wanting to feel pretty, innocent and girly so I'll choose a skater dress and some cute frilly socks (and shoes of course xD).
(Okay so apparently I don't take many full length clothes selfies... might update this post tomorrow with some proper examples..)

Even these two different outfits (referring to the text above the image) give a different impression of who I am as a person. Of course I would still behave the same way towards you no matter what I'm wearing but your pre-decided opinion of me would be very different.
It just made me realise that maybe I shouldn't pass that girl off as a slut because of that skirt she's wearing or  avoid that guy in the street because he's wearing a dirty hoodie, maybe he just had a really bad day and didn't have time to wash it.

People change their clothes from day to day, it's what's inside that counts surely?
As humans we need to start considering people as people each with their own individual lives, not just as aesthetic moving images existing for us to critique.