Monday, 20 April 2015

The dependency culture of technology

Okay so this post is a bit different to my other stuff. It's also the second time that I've attempted at posting this as the stupid blogger app deleted the whole post before actually posting it. Fucking brilliant.

Anyway.. So as a society I think we're becoming more and more dependent on technology to live. We are permanently attached to our mobile phones, listening to our iPods or scrolling through facebook on a computer. 
For example;
'75% of Americans admit to taking their mobile phone to the toilet'
I'm sorry whaaaat? 
Some people argue that they like having their phones with them at all times to feel safe. Yes I completely understand that and there are many benefits to having a phone. GPs, entertainment, safety, capturing memories etc... 
But, who's going to magically appear in your bathroom and attack you whilst you're on the loo?!?! 
This would suggest that maybe it isn't just for safety as to why we crave our phones. 
Nowadays we like having constant attention, constant entertainment, constant conversations. 
This then leads me to think about the future (and the title of this post). As a society we greatly depend on technology. Of course there are major benefits to having these things in our lives and we are very lucky to live in a world such as this. 
As time goes on, we're becoming more and more dependent. This also links to why the obesity rate is so high nowadays, we don't do things for ourselves. We don't have to, so why bother?
Need to get somewhere? Take the car.
Need to wash the dishes? Use a dishwasher.
Need to buy groceries? Do some online shopping.
So does this mean that future generations are going to be completely reliant on these technologies just to live? 
Can you imagine the day when people don't know how to read a clock because they don't need to know. All they have to do is press a button on their smartphone. 
Personally this worries me. 
Say this trend continues, how can our children learn to survive when we don't really live ourselves? 
Children are like sponges. They'll soak information up, ask questions, want to know more. They have endless amounts of creativity. 
But if we just shove them in front of an iPad with a game of Angry Birds, how can they make memories, gain experiences and learn from their mistake? All the things that have to happen for you to live your life. 

I'd like to say 'oh well, it's not my problem'. But actually it is. My children, your children, the future generations who will rule the world have to be considered.

I have no idea what can be done about these problems, but we can't just think about ourselves anymore.

Hope you've had a nice week, it's been lovely weather here in England for a change!;) thank you for reading this. 
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