Thursday, 9 April 2015

My Fears..

Helloo, hope you've all had a lovely day, so this one popped into my head as I began watching 'Eight Legged Freaks' a film about how some poisonous spiders get exposed to a noxious chemical that causes them to grow to monumental proportions.
I didn't really find this film particullarly scary, even though some of it didn't half make me jump.. as I don't really have a fear of spiders (hence the subject of this post).
My top 3 fears have to be;
  • Vomiting - also known as Emetophobia (I will link to the wiki page if you want more info, doubtful that you do but yeah..haha).
  • Rejection.
  • The unknown.
So firstly the vomiting one. I'm not going to go into details about this experience because thats just a bit gross, but when I was 10 years old I vomited. Wow such a shock! But it was horrific and was the trigger point for this phobia I guess you could call it.
It was on the 3rd November and earlier in the day I had drank a chocolate milkshake, like a friji one, I think..
Now we think that that day I just had a sickness bug which was going around, nothing to do with the food I ate but still to this day, 6 years later I refuse to drink milkshake and I will be very very careful about what goes into my body from about the 1st - 5th November. All because of that one incident.
 If I get a slight stomach ache, panic fills my body and I will get hot and start to shake because I get scared of what might happen to my body. This also makes me feel even more nauseous which is uber helpful ahah. I won't go into anymore detail about that one because its a bit cringey but if you'd like more details, let me know on Twitter or leave a comment.

Okay so the next one is a bit more ordinary I guess you could say. Rejection is not desired by anybody, who likes that embarrassment? I don't just mean romantically, it could be in any situation. Just generally not being good enough. This is probably a pretty common one but personally, it explains why I try and be nice to everybody. That just sounds luke I'm trying to big myself up, please don't take this the wrong way. I will let people trample over me, use me, anything as long as I'm not upsetting them. Just because I'm scared that one day everyone will leave and reject me, leading to loneliness which isn't the nicest thing. Once again, I'm going to stop there otherwise this will be the longest post ever!

Finally a fear of the unknown. This is one of the most common fears in my opinion because it could show itself as a fear of the dark, or of swimming in deep water for example. That feeling of not knowing whats going to happen and having no control, it just isn't very fun really. I kinda get it when I'm around very very drunk strangers. That might sound strange but its just being scared because you don't know what they're going to do next. I guess this phobia is also representative of fears of insects and animals. If the animal, a spider for example, is dead then you're probably not going to be scared of it. Well that kinda depends on the strength of your fear but yeah, you kinda see where I'm going with this right? If the spider is alive it could do anything, bite you, crawl on you, crawl inside your clothes, it's being scared of what the spider is going to do next, rather than the actual creature.

So yeah, thats a bit more information on me and what I'm scared of. 
If you feel like it, please leave a comment or let me know on Twitter what your fears are, I'd love to hear about what gives you goosebumps!
Night night xx